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1 Day: Karunguru Coffee Farm Day

โ€œYou canโ€™t hate the roots of a tree and not hate the tree. You canโ€™t hate Africa and not hate yourself.โ€ -Malcolm X

1 Day: Karunguru Coffee Farm Day

From $ 130 per person

Karunguru coffee strives to bring the top-grade coffee that is grown here to the consumer market. Having farmed coffee for many years, we now want to bring our decades of knowledge and expertise in coffee farming to your cup! Over and above that, we would like to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to come learn the process which our coffee goes through. Be a part of our heritage.

While Coffee was introduced into Kenya in 1893, the first crop of Karunguru Coffee was planted in 1928 by a British family known as the Glassfords before Kenya received its independence from the British government. It is evident therefore that as far back as 1928, the history of coffee growing has been an integral part of the Karunguru heritage. In 1974, our Grand Father and Patriarch (Mr. Kariithi Karekia), bought and took over the 300acre farm and grew it to 500acres of a vast coffee farm.

You will be met by our tour guide from your hotel then taken on a tour of a coffee farm. Tour the farm and see how coffee is planted from the seedbed. Discuss with the management what it takes to grow coffee. See the fumigation process in action, both manual and mechanical. See the picking process of coffee from the farms and then tour the Local coffee factory and see the cleaning, the grading, and the packing processes.

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Tour Plan

Day 01
Pick up from your hotel in Nairobi at 0800 Hours and depart for the coffee tour by road. You will be met by the coffee farm managers with a wide range of experience on the coffee farming to production bit of it. The coffee manager will take you for a walk to the farm giving you information on the farming and have a chance to see the coffee berries from the farm, see how the berries are picked when ready, and move to the factory. A chance to see how berries are sorted out, dried, and then processed, by the way, you have a chance to do it by yourself as you accompany the coffee workers and it makes you feel at home and exciting!!!! After this coffee manager will give a chance to process your own coffee if you need to carry some coffee back home branded with Kenya label at a reasonable fee. This is wonderful because when you get back home you tell of the story of how you made the coffee from the farm to the last stage of consumption. Your coffee is packed and leave the farm to Nairobi drop off at Hotel of your choice. The Tour can depart at any time during the day all you need is to make earlier reservations.

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